Jennifer and Andrew took over Zipps from their father Mickey who purchased the shop from the original owner in 1961. The original owner, Harry Zipperman, was a pharmacist who built the location that would become Zipps as Minnesota’s first storefront built expressly for alcohol sales. After one year of business, he sold the store to the Schoenzeits, and they’ve taken great care of it. Together, their family has grown the store from a small neighborhood shop to one of the Twin Cities’ finest liquor stores!

Andrew joined the family business in 1984, working with his father for many years. Jennifer came aboard in 2005 after finishing college and spending some time living as a ski instructor. Both Jennifer and Andrew share a passion for skiing, and though she spent 7 years living and teaching the skiing life in Vail, Jennifer is still miffed that Andrew is better in the moguls! Andrew and Jennifer also share a love for sci-fi, ESPECIALLY Star Trek. It has been a crucial part of their family’s culture, going so far as to inspire vacations to conventions. Andrew is a superfan of The Grateful Dead, cementing that fact with an armband tattoo!


JT Dalton comes to Zipps with a Head brewer background of ten years. His studies of microbiology in yeast, molds, and funguses doesn’t even correlate with his degree in, handmade paper, handmade books, and prints. Who cares anyways…


Growing up in a large family, Amanda developed a passion for food and libations at a young age.  She continued to further her knowledge through nearly 20 years in the hospitality industry and obtaining her degree in culinary arts.  Having written numerous cocktail menus, and selecting wine and beer menus for local restaurants, she desired a position that engulfed her more in her passion for wine and spirits.  This change landed her as the front manager and assistant buyer for wine and liquor with Zipps Liquors.